It was through prayer that I realized I had to invite God to do the work in my heart. After all, it was His plan in the first place, and I took over, thinking I could do a better job…

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It is here at the wall where humility reigns.

It is here at the wall where the kingdom of God is built…

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Will Work For Free

The first real, check-paying job I had as a teen was babysitting in the childcare area of a Jazzercise center. I watched Finding Nemo on repeat while moms (and the occasional dad) sweat it out next door to pop music. The work wasn’t especially difficult and the money was good. […]

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Working For A Living

One of my favorite parts about life as a missionary is doing work projects. In work projects, we get to build, fix, and maintain this beautiful camp we call home. I’ve always loved getting dirty and using my hands whether it be through sports or hard work. So every Tuesday when we […]

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Pray Without Ceasing

After 3 hours of laying sod in 40 degree weather, I was more than ready for a hot shower. As I was walking back to my cabin, I realized I still needed to pray my daily rosary. I knew I wouldn’t have any time later that evening, so I decided […]

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