Live Simply So Others May Simply Live

As missionaries have always tried to live simply, but as with anything, over time (especially while living in the U.S.) we become more and more comfortable, and it is easy to justify extras. Soon our conviction to live in solidarity with the poor is compromised by settling with a lifestyle that is just a little more simple than that of the others around us . . . not exactly the definition of Gospel poverty!

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An Invitation To Serve: Life Teen Ghana Mission 2012

“They left everything and followed Him.” Luke 5:11 The first time we went to Ghana, I met a young girl named Rosemary. She was very shy at first and kept her distance. When she would see us come back each day from the village, she would sheepishly wave and then run […]

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“The Moment Has Come…”

It’s funny how God shows up sometimes.  As a missionary, you come to expect God to show up in Mass, Holy Hour, or in community (seriously, who can’t see God working through No Shave November?).  Better still for me are those moments where, in the midst of life you suddenly […]

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