Sometimes I get caught up with these lofty and grand ideas of saving the world, and solving poverty, and reaching the ends of the earth for the sake of the Gospel. I could daydream for hours about this. But, God never asked me to save the world…

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What affects me is action. In Haiti, I saw so many people who live in houses made out of whatever they found on the side of the road or whatever they were given, and they have fuller, “richer” lives than many of the people in my life in England or those I have seen in America. That’s what hits me…

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Our life is a battle. 

We battle sin and temptation all day, every day. 

Don’t believe me? Here is a glimpse into the first few hours of my day..

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The Blessed Life

There’s the good life, the rich life, a bad life, heck even that show “The Buried Life”; but I’ve found one even better. It’s the blessed life. A life so beautifully sweet, I kneel at the ground of Christ’s saving feet. A life so simple, it has let me realize […]

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Celebrate Easter!

Easter day seemed a little more special for me this year. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it’s mostly because of the ways that I’ve drawn closer to the Lord this year as a missionary, especially in prayer. It hasn’t been the easiest year of my life, but […]

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I got what I wanted for Christmas.

As Christmas was approaching this year, it didn’t seem like Christmas. First off, it’s hot in Haiti all the time. I’ve never celebrated Christmas away from Boston, where it’s always cold in the winter. But also, we had no decorations, no lights, no Christmas tree, no gifts, no Christmas cards, […]

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Joy in Transition

It’s common to get frustrated when you have to park in a parking spot that is 10 more yards than preferred or wait in line for coffee when you could be getting something accomplished. Transitions such as walking or driving to the next thing become a waste of time and […]

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We Cannot Give What We Have Not Received

Just recently, I was being overwhelmed by fears of failure and inadequacy. Past insecurities were rising up inside of me.  When I was faced with various obstacles, it was hard to stay grounded in peace and see things clearly; my emotions were uncontrollable. It was like I was back in […]

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God Redeems, Restores, and Transforms

My embrace with the Father was restored in Adoration at the Life Teen Women’s Retreat a few weeks ago. At the beginning of my missionary formation year, I realized how tainted my relationship with the Father was. As we reflected on the Father’s love through the parable of the prodigal […]

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Joy in Believing

A couple weeks ago, we, the Atlanta missionaries, were helping out on a retreat called “Cardboard Box City” with a local Atlanta parish. The concept is simple: you sleep in a cardboard box to be in solidarity with the poor, and then at each Mass, you collect money and canned […]

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