Fleeing from Fear

I’m afraid of walking past where the bear lives at summer camp. I’m afraid of walking anywhere in the dark. I’m afraid of never finding my vocation. I’m afraid of white water rafting. I’m afraid of large quantities of mayonnaise and sliced yellow cheese. So what do I do to […]

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Living in the Father’s Love

This summer, I was blessed to serve for my third summer as a summer missionary before becoming a full-time missionary a few weeks ago. I knew I was called to serve this past summer, but I wasn’t sure why. I decided it would be a good idea to talk to […]

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God Redeems, Restores, and Transforms

My embrace with the Father was restored in Adoration at the Life Teen Women’s Retreat a few weeks ago. At the beginning of my missionary formation year, I realized how tainted my relationship with the Father was. As we reflected on the Father’s love through the parable of the prodigal […]

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