Hero to Zero

In this epic adventure, we find Combat Man facing his hardest battle yet. Is he a hero or a brawler? Will he save Edna? Find out now, on Hero to Zero.

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Inspire, Influence, Ignite

From their childhood experiences to living their life for their love of God, two women share their testimony about being Catholic feminists. Samantha and Becky help give clarity to the role of women within the Church and trusting the path God has for them.

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The Race

Welcome to the Race of a Lifetime! In this marathon to Heaven, six runners follow Jesus’ path towards their eternal home. Will all of them cross the finish line?

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Is It Safe?

Get an exclusive look at our brand new game show, “Is It Safe?” coming to a streaming service near you! Watch our contestant’s knowledge be put to the test, as he competes for the grand prize.

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Sin Vision

Welcome to Multivision© Augmented Reality. There are many viewing modes available on our state-of-the-art glasses. Which mode will you choose to look through?

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The ache of being alone is an invitation. We can wallow in isolation, or embrace solitude. The one we choose makes all the difference.

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Do we create our own identity, or has God designed our body and soul from the beginning? Where do we find out harmony?

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DOs and DON’Ts of Confession

Have you ever been to confession and wondered, “How do I do confession?” or better yet, “What should I NOT do in confession?” Look no further than this video for all of the answers.

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Love > Tolerance

God does not tolerate you, He loves you. This animated video serves as an inspirational tool on how powerful the word “Love” really is, and how much God really loves you.

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Ninja Nannies

In this Edge video resource, we see a promotional ad for a brand new, state-of-the-art anti-sinning service called “Ninja Nannies”, which will help eliminate sin from your teenagers lives, or your money back!

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