The Book or Kanye

In this Life Teen video resource, Leah Murphy takes to the streets of Arizona to quiz people to see if they can tell the difference between Bible passages or Kanye West lyrics. While it may sound simple in theory, some answers may surprise you!

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Prized Possession

In this Life Teen video resource, we dive into what we do with things that lose their importance or worth to us. Whether it be clothes, toys or miscellaneous things, we look back into the Gospels and look at how the accounts of the Apostles never lost their importance, but […]

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The Advocate

In this Life Teen video resource, we follow along your average high school student, his best friend Mason, his crush Emma, and special friend, Dove. After saying one powerful prayer at youth group, our student finds himself accompanied by a new friend who helps him reevaluate his decisions at school. […]

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