Cafeteria Catholics

Pizza is awesome, but we also need to eat our fresh greens.  This video uses the analogy of a cafeteria, to explain why we as Catholic Christians should accept everything that Catholicism offers and believes, to be in full joy and communion with Christ and his church.

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Inside Out-WebPoster

Inside Out

Reconciliation can be a scary thing, confessing our sins to God isn’t easy. In the end, however, if we are truly sorry for what we’ve done, and fully participate in the sacrament of confession, God will wipe us clean of our sins, and take off all of the sticky notes.

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“You tend not to notice them until you need them, until they save your life”. God has put these guardrails in our lives to shield us from the evil that is out there, from places where we might slip. If we follow His guardrails, we will be following His path […]

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Authority of Love

Where does authority come from? Bishop James Wall, from the Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico, explains that through all of the worldly struggle, all of the chaos, God will forever reign.  God has complete authority over everything for all eternity, and His church here on earth will follow His authority […]

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