You Are What You Eat

In this video, Joel Stepanek gives a teaching on how the saying “you are what you eat” relates to our spiritual nourishment in the Eucharist. Joel explains some basic nutritional and dietary facts, while also talking about how our souls needs spiritual nourishment, and skipping mass and falling into sin […]

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Semester Introduction

In this video, Amanda Grubbs welcomes us to the November Edge Support Box. The Semester Planning Guide included in this box is entitled ‘Transformation’ and dives into the second part of the Catechism. Your teens will learn about the sacraments of initiation and continue to learn more about the rich […]

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Heartbeat Dreams

In this video, we are reminded that behind every desire, craving, dream and yearning, Jesus is there. He is the one who we seek when we dream of happiness, when nothing is fully satisfying or fulfilling or when we are attracted to beauty. This resource helps remind teens that Jesus […]

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False Masks

This video resource explores the masks that teens often put up when they don’t feel worthy of love, feel pretty enough, or know exactly who they are. Teens are often hurting, scared and wanting to keep people at a distance, so they put on a mask that they hope people […]

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