Liturgical Forecast-WebPoster

Liturgical Forecast

Take a look at the liturgical seasons like never before. Our award winning meteorologist will take you through all of the seasons we will experience this year in church. From Advent to Easter to Ordinary time, we’ve got you covered.

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Yours Are the Hands

Our world can be a rough place.  New environments and changes are weird, and sometimes, even scary.  We are called, as children of God, to be His hands and feet in this world.  We are called to share His joy through our thoughts, words, and actions, to help make this a […]

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Saints in Progress

Are you wholly holy? EDGE Youth Minister, Amy Brant, goes on an interview quest to her EDGE youth, to find out what they think holiness is, and whether or not they are living holy lives.

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Liturgical Seasons Loop

So many colors! In this loop video, we show you the different colors the Catholic Church uses in the sanctuary during the year, and what each color represents.

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