An Important Aspect of Relational Ministry You May be Missing

There is a clear connection between relational ministry and prayer we often forget. When the teens are there, it’s time to build relationships. When they aren’t there, we can and should be praying for them.

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Pep Talk for Singles

Advent is a great season for me to wonder who God has me waiting for. Of course, Jesus is the answer to that question. But I am speaking of my vocation. Specifically, I am thinking about my vocation to marriage during this season and all the circumstances that have brought […]

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Investment Required: Developing Teen Leaders

One of my favorite parts of youth ministry at a parish is building up a team of teen leaders. So much joy comes out of investing in these relationships, and empowering the teens to minister to their peers, and to those a few years younger than them. Doing this can […]

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Saturated in Prayer

The bottom line is we have to put our own growth and striving in holiness foremost and let our work in youth ministry follow and flow from it. Prayer, together with receiving the sacraments, is central to successful ministry. Or, better yet, as St. Augustine said: “Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.”

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