Fearless Victory

Victory: A superior position achieved against any opponent, opposition, or difficulty. A triumph; the ultimate decisive superiority in any battle or contest. That is the definition of victory, and I’ll tell ya: I get so pumped up just reading that little blurb. Why? Because we’re all a part of the […]

You Can’t Conquer Truth

One sentence I heard this summer caused me to do a lot of thinking. The comment wouldn’t make much sense out of context, but the progression of thoughts and discoveries it inspired are what I want to share. Stick with me. This is a lot of thoughts coming together. We […]

Healing or Haiti?

Before Paul and I moved to Covecrest, a friend of ours named Jon, who had also been a Life Teen missionary, called Paul on the phone.  I overheard Jon telling Paul that he’s excited for us to be going to Covecrest and that he believed that I would receive healing […]

You are truly loved!

Have you ever felt lost, alone, left out, not accepted? Are you hungry for love, for peace, for real true happiness and friendship? Hear this. You are so loved… You are so loved. So loved! Not by just any random person. You are loved, so preciously loved by your Creator, the […]

Become who you really are!

Are you always putting yourself down? Criticizing everything that you do, haven’t done, are, or are not? I am. I’m always putting myself lower than others, comparing and being a very hard judge on myself: “That’s so stupid.”, “You’re fat”, “That was a dumb reaction.”, “She is so much prettier than […]