Fleeing from Fear

I’m afraid of walking past where the bear lives at summer camp. I’m afraid of walking anywhere in the dark. I’m afraid of never finding my vocation. I’m afraid of white water rafting. I’m afraid of large quantities of mayonnaise and sliced yellow cheese. So what do I do to conquer those fears? Usually nothing. […]

Remain in Me

John 15: 1-8 Remain in me. This comes from Jesus talking to His disciples. In the Gospel of John, especially, it is extremely straight forward. My wonderful son pulled this one out as the “Word of the Day” – to live by for the day. It got me thinking. For me, on this particular day, […]

A New Year of Missions (or: God’s Abundant Mercy)

On September 13th I met my new family. We spent a month together at Covecrest in the lovely Tiger, Ga before being sent out to our 3 mission bases (Covecrest, Atlanta, and Europe). One story of the Lord’s movements from this time continues to blow my mind…