I Will Wait

Listen to this: I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons Waiting. A topic that is quite prevalent among several young adults that I know. I’ve heard about waiting, read about waiting, sung about waiting, talked about waiting, prayed about waiting – all the while…waiting. As I wondered what I could blog about this month, I hesitated […]

God Keeps His Promises – Part II

God loves to fulfill His promises!  Since the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, some of us in Life Teen have felt that God wanted us to open a Catholic mission base in Haiti. The more we learned about Haiti – poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, little or no youth ministry, some villages […]

God’s Schedule, Not Ours

There are two things that have been running through my mind lately during holy hour. Usually when things keep re-popping up in my little mind, it’s a sign that God is trying (and re-trying) to tell me something. One of the things is, “Girl, would you please work on your German?!” That one is fairly self-explanatory […]