These questions have been on my heart: “Do you see me, God? Do you love me?” I sometimes expect God to work in big ways, with lightening flashes, to tell me the answer to these questions, but often He replies to me in small, but very sufficient ways. The answer to these questions came in the form of a Psalm I first heard 2 years ago. 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

God’s will can be hard. It’s hard to give up everything I think I want and accept that God’s will is bigger and better. It’s hard to tell my family that I won’t be living around the corner because God wants me on mission in Georgia. It’s hard to talk […]

You Can’t Conquer Truth

One sentence I heard this summer caused me to do a lot of thinking. The comment wouldn’t make much sense out of context, but the progression of thoughts and discoveries it inspired are what I want to share. Stick with me. This is a lot of thoughts coming together. We […]