Yes, God Has a (sometimes unexpected) Plan for You.

So….picture this one. You find yourself in a hospital emergency room, being hooked up to an IV, nurses giving you shots, doctors coming in to look at X-rays that were taken of some part of your body, people reporting your vital signs….but you have no idea of what anyone is saying or what is going […]

The War

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vivid and terrifying it ingrained itself in my heart and it breaks because of it. In this dream I was looking at this screen of a computer and I could see people from all over watching the same thing. On screen people, men and women were […]

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid. How often do we hear these words? As a child, our parents say it a lot – if you are afraid of the dark or if you think there is a monster under your bed. As a child of God, God the Father says, “Do not be afraid.” Jesus says it […]

Family and Prayer

By: Chuck Taylor We, the Taylor Family, recently moved to Covecrest to become full-time missionaries.  Our daily lives at Covecrest are filled with work, classroom instruction, daily community prayers (morning and evening), our individual prayers, and almost daily mass.   So I guess the first question that would arise is: what is the impact of this […]