What To Expect When You’re Expecting

God’s will can be hard. It’s hard to give up everything I think I want and accept that God’s will is bigger and better. It’s hard to tell my family that I won’t be living around the corner because God wants me on mission in Georgia. It’s hard to talk […]

My Way or the Lord’s Way?

I wish the Lord would just come out and blatantly shout out to me what it is that He wants me to do. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would really appreciate something like that. Coming into this mission year here at Covecrest, I was thinking that it […]

Imitating St. Joseph

The year 2011 started well, midnight Mass with my Cardinal Archbishop at St. Leonard Church in the North End of Boston. This was a great way to start off what would be an eventful year. I entered the year with an important decision: when would I propose to my girlfriend, […]

Future Full of Hope

I’m learning over and over again, that my life is most fruitful when I just spend time with the Lord. This past week, our mission community traveled to the countryside of England, near London. We arrived on Wednesday evening, the 6th of July, at the SPEC center, a Catholic retreat […]

Loving the Giver Before the Gift

It’s been suggested that we missionaries create a pocket sized dictionary of all the words and phrases we throw around throughout the year. It’s actually a pretty legitimate idea. There is a whole other language within the community, a language that may often mean something completely different to an objective observer…