I Choose to Trust – One Year in Haiti

October 10th marked the one year anniversary of our mission team moving to Haiti and beginning mission here at the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization! I can’t believe it has been a year, but I am blessed and encouraged by all that God has done in these […]

Do You Want to Work for the Gospel?

“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. . .” This is the beginning of one of my favorite scriptures. Even though I love this scripture, it can also be difficult and challenging. It saddens me because I have seen the reality that the “laborers for the harvest” (Christians […]

Is Jesus Enough?

A couple weeks ago, I found out something difficult about one of our teenagers. It is a problem that you would not often find in America, but one that I suspect is common here in Haiti. One of the teens that comes to our mission base almost every day, Taina […]

Clinging to Jesus

Being a missionary is hard. Actually, just being a Christian is hard. I feel like I should understand that by now. But even though I have been following the Lord for a little while, I am still surprised when struggles come along. I think, “Why, Lord? When will this end? […]

Purgatory – What?!

I have always thought of praying for the souls in purgatory as just that random prayer that people sometimes tack onto the end of their meal blessings. I prayed sometimes for the souls in purgatory, more often when I knew someone who had passed away, but not very frequently. On […]

Life Teen in Haiti

Our time in Haiti so far has been incredibly blessed. We live in Madian, Haiti at the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization. We live in a community with other missionaries and a priest. Some of us are from Haiti and some from America. We have been so […]

What is Your One Thing?

Many of us have that “one thing” that we refuse to give up. We justify our sin or weakness with many excuses and feel uncomfortable when others try to poke holes in our defenses. Or maybe we want to give it up, but feel powerless to it. We all have […]

Coffee Stains

One morning last week, I spilled coffee on my skirt. This is a typical thing for me. I am often clumsy – so much so that someone has actually asked me to pray for them every time I spill my drinks. This particular day however, I didn’t notice the stain […]

Mission is Small

Lately, I have had the desire to run all over the world on mission and bring Jesus to people who may have never heard His name. In my imagination, lots of people would be converted, I would be a saint, and the Church would be renewed. Huge, glorious, wonderful things […]