Acts 16:6…Thanks, Mark Hart

It has been a while since my last blog, so, I will take some time and catch you up on my life. I’m still in Arizona. It is very hot and dry here and we have been battling lots of wild fires. Please pray for rain. Over the past few […]

Jesus Felt Abandoned

Standing and singing the words, “Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory” at the Palm Sunday Mass, opened my heart to listen deeply to the Lord’s voice.  It was the twenty-third time I had heard this long interactive Gospel recited during the Mass. I asked the Holy […]

Being Thankful

Lent is hard. Being thankful during Lent is even harder. I entered the desert a few days early this year. It started as I was preparing to begin my journey to Covecrest’s staff retreat; the doctor’s office called saying that my blood tests had come back abnormal. After our staff retreat ended, I did […]

Lent: The Invitation to Draw Closer to Jesus

A few weeks ago, a close friend and I were discussing Lent and the sacrifices we were going to be offering. Afterall, Lent is all about prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving, right? While this is true to an extent, my friend helped me to realize that I was missing the point […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 3

The rest of our weekend in Haarlem was blessed and taught me so much. We even had the chance to visit the chapel of Our Lady of All Nations on December 12, which was Our Lady of Guadalupe’s memorial. I felt so honored that we were able to visit on […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 2

We planned to meet one of the parishioners, who is very active in the parish in Haarlem, at the train station.  Once we got off of the train, Ashley and I suddenly felt very alone as we found ourselves in one of the largest train stations in Holland; it was also […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 1

Three weekends out of the month, some of us travel to different places in Holland. Recently, we were scheduled to do outreach in Haarlem. Haarlem is quite far from our village; thus, our optimal choice for travel is by train. Since we would have to travel across the whole country of Holland, […]

Fröhliches Weihnachten…Merry Christmas!

We baked Chocolate Chip Christmas cookies (an unfamiliar rarity in Germany) with some of the youth who live close to our home. It was a cold Friday night when we decided to go Christmas Caroling (another unfamiliar rarity) to bring joy and homemade cookies to the villagers.Walking through the streets, […]


Feeling the warm love of the people who have been interceding for me and our mission community for many months was what my heart needed to thaw from the snow that was falling on the cold streets of Holland. As I entered the chapel in the Church of St. Tomas […]

My Sisters,

My dear sisters in Christ, There are so many beautiful things in life. We look to art, music, nature, people and much more to see the daily masterpieces that God has created for us. But, how many times do we actually recognize the beautiful images that God has painted within […]