I am 40 years old

I can’t believe I am announicng this to all of you.  I have dreaded this day (march 24th) since I turned 39.  For an entire year, I stopped telling people how old I was.  I was very good at dodging the question any time someone asked me.  Admitting I was 39 sounded so old, even […]

The Power of an Invitation

Over the last few months, Jesus has been revealing to me more and more the power in an invitation.  In November, we read the Gospel story about Simon and Andrew dropping their nets to follow Jesus.  Jesus just invited them to come with Him and they did.  The Power of […]

Writer’s BLO(g)CK

As you may have noticed, I am not good at writing blogs on a regular basis. There is always something “more important” for me to do. One of the reasons for not having time is that I have never felt comfortable sharing what God is doing in my life to […]

Converting hearts by just Being

Since arriving in Germany, I have seen and experienced in many, sometimes, powerful ways how God is using us as instruments to touch the hearts of the people here. Before any other missionaries arrived and even before we had a mission house, there was a lot of fear in the […]

I love fasting!

Who really says that? Not me. I am a big fan of food. I’m being introduced to lots of new food in Germany and haven’t tried any yet that I don’t like. My point is that I like food. So, how can I say I love to fast from it? […]

daddy’s little girl

The last few months, God has been letting me know that He wants a more intimate relationship with me. I have been learning more and more that He wants me to be more child like. I have been praying about what this really means- to be God’s daughter. What does […]

Be careful what you pray for

Since I arrived in Germany, I have prayed that I would get out of God’s way so he could work through me. Well, he answered my prayer though not how I imagined He would. In prayer, God was saying to me to “die to self.” I soon learned that what […]