My First Confession: the After

(A Post-Sacrament Reflection) I have addressed this before, but blogging is something that is really hard for me to do; I am getting better, but still there are things that happen in my faith life that are hard to convey.  For example, our 8-day silent retreat: I have no idea […]

My First Confession: the Before

(A Pre-Sacrament Reflection) Luke 7:36-50 is, and always has been, a convicting passage for me.  If you have a Bible handy, read it; if you are on a computer (which you probably are), stop, copy and paste the scripture into a search engine, and read it…seriously, this blog will probably […]

The Sacraments are there to Destroy You

In the fall, I worked at a conference and heard a speaker casually say, “the Sacraments are there to destroy you.”  I was sitting on a hard gym floor (and admittedly, I was only half listening) but this statement made me do a double-take.  I mean, that doesn’t sound right, […]

Letters to the Father

I am always excited to get mail (and for the record, my address is: 25 Falls Drive, Tiger, GA 30576…just incase you are interested in sending letters, packages, or crazy messages in a bottle).  In fact, mail time is one of the most anticipated moments of our day here at […]

God’s love is _______________.

In formation the last two weeks, we have been studying, pondering, and sharing about the parable of the lost or prodigal son;  a simple story, used by Jesus, to illustrate the depth of the Father’s love for each of us (found in Luke 15: 11-32).  We spent most of our […]

Hi. My Name is Kristina, and I am a Missionary!

Chances are you read that title and sneered a little…you thought to yourself, “of course you are a missionary, you are writing on the Life Teen Missions page!”  But for me, this is a huge statement.  And as far as an explanation goes I think it’s best to start (kind of) at the […]

The “Know” Factor

***As a general disclaimer I would just like to warn you that I am messy; sorry but it’s true.  So this blog might not reveal the nicest side of me – but I am trying and God is working*** I think I was pretty young when I first heard the […]

Be Bold

This is my first blog and I have been racking my brain for weeks, trying to figure out what to write about.  If I am honest, it’s hard to be vulnerable and share all that God is doing in my heart via a computer screen.  I think I am most […]