Is God calling YOU to mission? LT mission base in Holland

God chooses us to His call (John 15:16). Have you ever thought of being a missionary? Does your heart jump when you talk to people who are missionaries? Have you ever prayed into becoming a missionary? Every choice made in freedom liberates us. We live in a culture and time of fear, selfishness and social […]

Wowed by God (and summer staff!)

So these past two weeks have been very different and interesting. All maintenance, service crew and summer staff has come in and the ‘final’ preparations have begun. The first week was a week of service and work-projects, getting the camp in shape for all the teens that will be coming here this summer. We knocked […]

Prayer o prayer

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 being a prayer warrior? I can tell you I fluctuate incessantly. Ask yourself the following questions: –       How often do I pray? –       How aware am I when I pray? –       Do I just rattle off petitions? –       Do I truly believe that God hears […]

Lord, I want to yearn for You, I want to burn with passion

The 2.5 hour drive from Atlanta to Tiger was a great one last Monday. The weather was beautiful, the sun shone through the open sunroof and the CD I compiled the day before was blasting through the speakers. Oh, and I was sipping my caramel McCafe in my right hand. I had been able to […]

Coincidental revelations? I think not!

Dear all, It’s been a while since I’ve blogged; but I have set time aside to do so! I was able to go on a discernment visit to the Legionaries of Christ and the Brothers of St. John from March 19-23. During one of my meditations in the chapel of the novitiate of the Legionaries the […]

The JOY of the Lord is my strength

Yay, another blog entry! God is doing lots of things; as He always is. And I’m actually tuning in to what He is trying to tell me. Life at Covecrest has been a little rough lately. I seemed to slip into the rut pretty easily and noticed that I was losing my joy at the […]

Is God calling you out?

Dear all, A blog entry right after Valentine’s Day, because GOD is love! But … are we loving? Are we living by faith? Are we okay with being uncomfortable, especially in situations that make us uncomfortable because they are personal and possibly affect the people around us, who may pass judgment? Will we stand firm, […]

A warrior’s story

Dear all, I want to share with you all a warrior story, a story about our faith, which an awesome youth minister read to her confirmation teens while on retreat here at Covecrest. Christ speaks to us through these words; and it’s meant to move us into action, to build up His Kingdom, and to […]

Silence: retreat and pro life

De vrede van de Heer zij met jullie allemaal! Begin januari hebben alle missionaries een 8 daagse stille retraite gedaan. Br. John was daarvoor uit Denver overgevlogen om de mannen te begeleiden en de retraite te leiden, en Amy uit Houston om de vrouwen spiritual direction te geven tijdens de retraite. Bij sommige wellicht bekend, […]

Amazed by grace

Hi all, First off I want to wish you all a very happy and blessed New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2010 already; time sure flies! My Christmas break was incredibly blessed. I had the privilege of flying out to Missouri and staying at friends of my family. The Robinsons have 10 kids and live […]