Future Full of Hope

I’m learning over and over again, that my life is most fruitful when I just spend time with the Lord. This past week, our mission community traveled to the countryside of England, near London. We arrived on Wednesday evening, the 6th of July, at the SPEC center, a Catholic retreat […]

A Call to Receive

On the weekend of April 8th 2011, at Rolduc Seminary, people from all over Europe gathered for the European Life Teen Training Conference. The theme for the weekend was “Veni Sancte Spiritus,” which means, “Come Holy Spirit.” Randy Raus, the President of Life Teen, had mentioned that when you call upon […]

“You Have Me”

A little over a week ago, as I sat down for Mass in the wooden pews of the Carmelite Convent in Sittard, I really wanted to take some time to prepare my heart to be completely open to whatever the Lord had for me. Lately, I’ve encountered a lot of challenges in living […]

Sacrifice of Love

An inspiring woman in my faith journey has been my Mom. This week was her 50th birthday and she celebrated BIG. Although she threw a party it was not your typical birthday party; oh no, it was a dancing fundraiser. Okay, let me explain.  It all started five years ago […]

A Gift?

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate over these past couple months is the gift of detachment. A gift? Yes, I did mean to use that term because God gives us the opportunity to choose the graces of detachment. So what does that mean? This means to rid yourself of anything […]

Seeing Jesus through Mary

In November, our community of Life Teen Missionaries committed to praying a special set of prayers each day, for a month, in preparation to consecrate ourselves to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know this might sound a little odd; I myself had trouble with this at first. […]

What’s your Rembrandt?

For first year missionaries, our main focus is the formation of our hearts so that we can grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. We are intentional about setting aside specific time during the week for spiritual reading and discussions. The second book we read during formation was Fr. Henri […]

Attitude of Gratitude

While reading the Gospel during Morning Prayer on December 2nd, I scrambled to find my Bible. I began to read Matthew 15:32 – 39, The Multiplication of the fishes and loaves. I got about half way through the passage when I figured out that I wasn’t reading the right gospel […]

Gather around the Table.

Once a year, there is a glorious occasion where family members from all over the United States travel for miles to gather around a table, break bread, and share what they are thankful for. We know this day as Thanksgiving! This is a holiday that has always been near and […]

Divine Providence and Spicy Peppers

Lately, God has been teaching me to pay more attention to what and where he’s leading me. I like to describe it as tuning into those initial gut reactions that happen before making a decision. I’m finding that the common, everyday decisions are where it counts the most because those are the ones […]