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Life Teen


What is Life Teen Missions?

Life Teen Missions is answering the call from Christ’s final command in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” through our specific ministry to teens. We invest in the lives of the youth around us by going out to them, inviting them into relationship and teaching them what it means to follow Christ.


Prayer is the foundation of all Christian life. As missionaries, we are called to be “contemplatives in action”. All our activity flows out of our prayer life, which includes both personal and communal prayer. Our prayer, the heartbeat of our communities, includes a daily personal holy hour, daily mass where available, and a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Our missionary communities consist of single adults and families committed to a full life in Christ. Life Teen mission communities share a common vision, pray and discern together, and do all things for the Glory of God. Each member lives this out by embracing their unique role and by building trust through vulnerability, affirmation, and encouragement. Community life offers a safe but challenging place to live out our faith.


All Life Teen Missionaries are disciples committed to the person of Jesus Christ and His mission. Being a disciple of Christ demands a response to go out and create even more disciples. As Life Teen missionaries, we desire to be witnesses to all, to journey with an intimate small group and to invest ourselves entirely in our disciples. Are you called to disciple teens?