The Virus

This video shows a not-so-distant future, where a ‘virus’ has run rampant across the country, ruining relationships, infecting teens, and much worse. The cause of the virus remains unreported in the video, but we know the truth: the real virus in today’s society is pornography.

Far From Good

In this video, Matt Fradd debunks an argument about a “need” for pornography, and discusses the issues of sexual health, the virtue of chastity, and the confusing of a means to an end. Fradd tackles the issue of masturbation directly, and speaks about how it distorts and perverts the purpose […]

Helping Teens With Porn Addiction

In this video, Matt Fradd discusses how we should care for teens in our youth groups & parishes that come to us about struggling with a pornography addiction. Matt dives into the process of giving not solely spiritual advice, but also practical advice (accountability, educating themselves, encouraging patience) that will […]

Faulty Promises

In this video, Matt Fradd discusses how the internet has made pornography affordable, anonymous, and accessible, and what we can do to combat this. Matt discusses the lies of the pornography industry- it doesn’t give us what it promises, but instead leaves us with less than we had to begin […]

Fortify Yourself Teaching

In this video, Joel Stepanek discusses how to fortify ourselves against pornography and the temptations that can lead us into sin. Being aware of how we can be attacked and being proactive in removing temptations is instrumental in striving for holiness, Joel says. Removing accessibility, having accountability, and cultivating a […]

Tough and Necessary: Talking With Your Teen About Porn

In this video, Mark Hart tackles the ‘tough, but necessary’ topic of talking with your teens about pornography. Discussing how times have drastically changed since he was once a teen, Mark talks about how important it is to have a strategy when talking about pornography, and how to approach the […]

Body Language Teaching

In this video, Joel Stepanek gives a teaching on what we say with our bodies, relating a childhood story with a mirror and diving deeper into our reflection. Joel touches on God’s ability to create out of chaos, and how He created us last, in His image. Similarly, Joel discusses […]

“Unspoken” Semester Introduction

In this video, Joel Stepanek introduces this semester’s theme of “Unspoken”, a collaboration between Life Teen and Covenant Eyes. Joel touches on the great resources included in this semester, including the separate parent and teen nights built to foster conversations to protect homes and empower teens and parents. This semester […]