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Priest, Prophet, King! Me???

So today in formation, we started talking about the Sacraments and as you may imagine, we started with Baptism.  In discussing, we began to talk about how when Baptism happens, we are baptized as priest, prophet, and king.  Now I have never understood this and to be quite honest, every time I have heard this I just kind of let it go right over my head.  But this time it really stuck with me, and I think I finally get what it means.  When we are baptized, we become part of the family of God – we are part of the New Covenant with Him.  That means we have responsibility, and the deeper I continue to dive into my relationship with the Lord, the more I want this responsibility and the more I want others to want this responsibility.

  • Priest – I’m baptized as priest?  This has to do with the big word “sacrifice.”  Look to Jesus on the Cross as priest and victim.  He freely offered the sacrifice of Himself as priest and He freely was the sacrifice as victim.  Aren’t we called to imitate Him?  Daily I’m realizing that I need to sacrifice.  How can I lay my life down for others as Christ did on the Cross?  How can I give myself to others and constantly put their needs above my own?    Is my life a constant sacrifice?  What little things in my life can I begin to sacrifice and offer up to the Lord for someone else?  In other words, I freely choose to give something up and offer that sacrifice to God for the benefit of another.
  • Prophet – Do I constantly look to proclaim the Gospel?  Do I constantly love?  Do I embrace every opportunity with somebody as a chance to lead them closer to Christ?  Again, trying to imitate Christ, these are things He did every day.  He never stopped proclaiming the Kingdom of God to those He encountered.  He loved with a deep, burning love for every soul He encountered.  Every time we cross paths with an individual, it is a chance to be missionary to them – to love them and speak the truth of the Gospel to them.
  • King – Do I live in a manner worthy of being an heir to Heaven?  Is my life a constant act of worship?  That is, am I seeking to give all glory to God with everything I say and do?  Jesus is our King, and through His sacrifice on the Cross, He opened up the gates of His Kingdom for us to share in as well.

All of this ties in so well with my identity.  I know that through my baptism, my identity is beloved son of God.  I am part of God’s family so these three things (priest, prophet, and king) should come naturally.  They are part of my very identity!  Praise God!  I act as priest, prophet, and king constantly not because I feel I’m forced to, but because I desire in my heart to live out my baptismal call.  The deeper I keep going in my relationship with Jesus, the more I want to live out my baptismal call – the more I want to be priest, prophet, and king constantly.

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Peace and God bless!

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