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My Journey Into Missions Pt. I

This is a piece I wrote for my Fall Newsletter to my Mission Partners.  It’s the first part of a series I will write for the newsletter describing my journey to and in missions.  If you would like a copy of this newsletter electronically (or want to drop me a line), email me at

Answering The Lord’s Call:
My Journey into Missions Part I

I’m not growing into the man I thought I would be 4 years ago.  I had plans like any other freshman in college.  And, like any of those freshmen, they changed 5,345 times each week.  In three years my major changed 5 times along with 3 different schools.

Working in youth ministry during this time is where I found life.  It was incredibly beautiful to serve and journey with so many young people.  To top it off, I could see the Lord’s victories in their hearts and lives.  I saw these young people experience the Lord’s love and fell deeper in to that love myself.  But the Lord had other plans.

My first call to missions was so hard.  It happened, ironically, at a Life Teen training where I went to plan my next year of ministry.  The first session on the first night had nothing to do with these plans.  Instead, the presenter told of the Lord’s great desire for our own hearts before our service to Him.

My eyes were opened that night, and I knew that the Lord was proud of me for serving Him at Sacred Heart, but I also realized that He was asking me to take the next step closer in my relationship with Him.

As I sat in the chapel that night wrestling with this thought, one of the Life Teen Missionaries came in and talked and prayed with me.  I told her what I felt the Lord calling me to, and she shared of her experience as a missionary, how the Lord was changing her heart during her year of formation.

I wrestled with the Lord for months before applying, but He made His will crystal clear.  A month after being accepted I sold most all of my belongings and moved across the country for my year of Missionary Formation.

In Mark 10, Jesus tells us that anyone who leaves behind home, family, friends, and possessions to follow Him will receive a hundredfold in this life and the next, and my time in Missions has been a testament to this truth.  Not only have I experienced the Lord’s love in incredible new ways, but I have heard His call and plan for my life, to preach the Gospel to His people and lead them into His loving arms.

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