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“I’m a Hard Hard Worker Everyday”

Most people who come to Covecrest think us missionaries have it pretty good. They’re right. It’s the best life ever. I can’t imagine myself being or desiring to be anywhere else. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” in the words of Will Regan – one of our favorite worship songs. A great life and an easy life are different though. Being a Life Teen Missionary at Covecrest is definitely great, but it is not easy. This past week especially is a testament to that.

A lot of churches in our area have Confirmation programs, but are unable to put on the necessary retreat. That’s where we come in. About 150 teens joined us last weekend for an amazing retreat on Heroic Virtue. The Holy Spirit moved in full force. We witnessed amazing conversions and an overwhelming outpouring of God’s love. As many of you know, as grace filled and fun as retreats always are, it takes a toll on the body to give from before the sun until lights out every night. So, it’s nice that our day of rest begins after groups leave Sunday evening and continues through Monday. Not this week though.

Holy Trinity, an amazing group of people from a Catholic high school in Long Island, stayed and joined us as missionaries during the week to work around camp and do home visits in or community. After the other groups had gone home Sunday, we did an XLT withHoly Trinity and some other visitors. XLT is a night of praise and worship, a dynamic talk, and adoration of Christ in the Eucharist; if you’ve never heard that term. Again, the Holy Spirit filled the space to the brim.

After another grace filled late night, we rose early to begin our work, and we worked for the next three days. “The Holy Trinitarians” were amazing. The work was hard  and monotonous and it was cold and muddy. (If you ever need a song to sing while you work, I have just the one => “Hard Worker” By the Avett BrothersOn the second day our work site was covered in snow! But, I didn’t hear a hint of complaint. And each night, after hours of labor, we had Mass where everyone praised with their full voice, followed by a rowdy dance party full of joy. At the end of their time with us, the teens were convicted to go home and be missionary in their school. They’re gonna light that school on fire with the Spirit of God in them.

Whenever it seemed like I should be “Lying on the cold hard ground,” -another missionary favorite- I always had the strength to keep going, the courage to talk to another teen, and the voice to keep leading praise and worship. God has a life of greatness planned for each of us, a missionary life. It is not easy, but when we are at the end of what we think we are capable of, we get to do and witness God’s greatest works.

I thank God for a tired and sore body, because in it I know I am being stretched beyond my limits for God’s kingdom. We were made for comfort GREATNESS!


In Christ,



Our awesome retreat shirt. “Heroic Virtue” Erik likes acting like a cheese-puff

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