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Holiness is Accessible

Yesterday we were graced to be able to lead a Day of Reflection for the Core Team of an Atlanta area parish.  Honestly, I think our mission community did nothing all day.  You’d probably say the same too if you looked at the day’s schedule.  Beside two 10 minute witnesses that Sara and Carrie shared and leading some time of praise and worship, we pretty much did nothing.  And I’ve got to admit that what an objective observer might call our “laziness” was entirely intentional.

As we prepared for the retreat, the Lord was clearly saying that He desired the day to focus on personal holiness, so we did what we know best.  We shared what the Lord was doing in our lives, we gave them several times of quiet prayer and reflection with and without scripture, we put them near the sacraments with Mass and a holy hour in front of the closed tabernacle while Reconciliation was offered, and we shared how the Lord was moving for us in small groups.

At the end of the day we all gathered to share how the Lord had moved that day as a large group and it was clear that there was great fruit from the day.  From the personal prayer time, to the sharing, and the sacraments.  From a increased sense of community, to a deeper intimacy with the Lord, to a greater desire for prayer, the team all had a great day.  One of them even shared with me that she hadn’t been to Reconciliation in 8 years before the day!  What victories!

The thing that strikes me most about all of this is that nothing that we pointed them to was anything any of us couldn’t do any day of the week.  Silent prayer, Sacred Scripture, journaling, sharing our pray with our friends, daily Mass, a holy hour in front of the closed tabernacle, Saturday afternoon Reconciliation at your home parish: it’s all accessible!

The Lord does not keep holiness out of reach.  He isn’t hiding from us.  He’s in the Eucharist at our parishes.  He’s waiting in the confessional to shower us with mercy.  He’s waiting to speak in the silence and in scripture.  He’s present as we share our faith with one another.

Holiness is accessible.  You don’t have to reach far, but you have to take the steps.

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