I Was Bullied.

I know the wounds can be deep; trust me, I’ve been there.

I spent six years of my life terrified to walk into school. I spent six years trying to figure out what to wear, how to act, what to do in order for the bullying to stop. I started hanging out with the “cool kids,” but it only got worse, so I joined the sport teams and clubs, and that didn’t help, so I decided to just give up.

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“Behold Your Mother” – John 19:26-27

“The Virgin Mary. . . is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and of the redeemer. . . She is ‘clearly the mother of the members of Christ’ . . .” – CCC 963 I have recently recommitted for about the 20th time in my journey […]

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I Love Priests

For the past month or so, the Lord has been placing an extreme gratitude on my heart for our priests. With each Mass I attend, every time I receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or when I enter a church and pray before the tabernacle, I am just moved with a […]

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Beaten and Tortured

From now on, when I hear about Jesus’ death, whether it’s someone talking about it, during mass, or while reading scripture, I want to pause and really reflect on what that means for me. I want to take it more seriously, to be moved with pity for those who took part in crucifying Jesus, and to realize how much I am loved. Jesus would have done what He did if you and I were the only people on earth. He even did it for those who killed Him!

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4th week of Lent…Recommit

So it’s the fourth week of Lent, and you’ve passed the halfway mark. You might find yourself slipping on some of those things you committed to, like not eating sweets, praying more, reading Scripture, giving up Facebook, or watching less TV. It’s ok. I’ve slipped a few times as well. […]

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Be the Hemorrhaging Woman!

I thought I had a pretty good prayer life, but I came to Covecrest and all my time spent in prayer felt really dry, like I was getting nothing out of it. You’re not always supposed to feel something in prayer, but I could tell something was off. Every now […]

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Imitating St. Joseph

The year 2011 started well, midnight Mass with my Cardinal Archbishop at St. Leonard Church in the North End of Boston. This was a great way to start off what would be an eventful year. I entered the year with an important decision: when would I propose to my girlfriend, […]

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Slowly Letting Go of My Pride

Right before Advent began, all of the missionaries had a “desert day”: from after morning prayer until 5pm mass, we were silent, spending time alone in prayer and reflection. To be honest, when I found out about the “desert day,” I was overwhelmed thinking of all of the things I […]

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You Are My Beloved

We are currently reading a book by Henri J.M. Nouwen titled The Return Of The Prodigal Son.  He is a well renowned author, a former Harvard professor, and a Catholic priest. The first few chapters of this book discuss the idea of being God’s beloved. In formation Tuesday morning, we […]

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Healing or Haiti?

Before Paul and I moved to Covecrest, a friend of ours named Jon, who had also been a Life Teen missionary, called Paul on the phone.  I overheard Jon telling Paul that he’s excited for us to be going to Covecrest and that he believed that I would receive healing […]

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