Do you ever find yourself saying things like this? Ok, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s more like: –       I love my new iPhone 5 or iPad or –       I love Call of Duty or –       I love the new Taylor Swift album or –       I love Chick-fil-A or –       I […]

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I Want To Be A Saint

Sometimes I don’t live like it.  Sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I get discouraged, and I don’t think I’ll ever really get there.  But ultimately, my one deepest desire is to be united with Jesus in Heaven; I want to be a Saint. When I was younger, it was the stories […]

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In the Hands of the Potter

Our new formation year at Covecrest has begun, and after a month, I am realizing that the Heavenly Father wants to rock my world this year. As I have been journeying with the new missionary women, I am realizing how much God is trying to speak truth into my life […]

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His Grace Poured Out Like Wine

As the last little bit of his wine was being poured out onto the ground, with tears rolling down his face, he prayed, “Jesus, help me to be the man you want me to be.” As a missionary, I have had some very blessed and grace filled moments, but seldom […]

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Live Simply So Others May Simply Live

As missionaries have always tried to live simply, but as with anything, over time (especially while living in the U.S.) we become more and more comfortable, and it is easy to justify extras. Soon our conviction to live in solidarity with the poor is compromised by settling with a lifestyle that is just a little more simple than that of the others around us . . . not exactly the definition of Gospel poverty!

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Blessed Am I Among Women: 2012 Life Teen Ghana Mission

So what have I learned? I have learned that the initial excitement and feeling of adventure of foreign missions has faded for me. But the good news is my intentions have been purified. I realized that a major motivation to go on foreign missions was selfishly motivated by what I got out of them. I now have a greater understanding of “It is better to give, than to receive.”

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Children make the best Missionaries!

This is my third mission to Ghana in just over 2 years.  On my first trip, I came as a single missionary working with FMC (Family Missions Company) and throughout the mission I got to know and fell in love with my missionary husband, Erik.  God is faithful and made […]

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An Invitation To Serve: Life Teen Ghana Mission 2012

“They left everything and followed Him.” Luke 5:11 The first time we went to Ghana, I met a young girl named Rosemary. She was very shy at first and kept her distance. When she would see us come back each day from the village, she would sheepishly wave and then run […]

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Martin Family Update

“Strong is His love for us; He is faithful forever.” Psalm 117:2  Dear family and friends, This past mission year has been incredibly fruitful and life changing, from beginning a relationship, getting engaged, getting married, incredibly blessed missions and now expecting our first child.   Who would have thought that we […]

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A Few Good Men For Ghana

This summer Life Teen Missionaries are going back to Ghana, Africa and we need a few good men.  We currently have filled all our slots for women, but we could still use a few more men.  We are looking for college aged students or recent grads who are looking to […]

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