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The great thing about ministry is it doesn’t just affect the teens we are talking to but it effects their families, friends, classmates and in this case Dorothy.  Dorothy has been a long time volunteer to just about every ministry at BTC – youth, hospitality, St. Vincent de Paul’s and has served in many other nameless roles.  She has been volunteering with our youth even before we got here.  But I don’t want to talk about how she volunteers, I want to talk about how she receives.

Each Sunday at 6:30pm we all show up to prep for Life Teen and each Sunday at 6:33pm I ask “Dorothy, what did you have for dinner tonight?”  Dorothy lives with her 3 sisters and they often have meals together but they always have Sunday dinner together.  Now when she comes, as soon as she’s in the door, she tells me “soup” or “pork steaks with German potato salad” all from her mother’s hand written cookbook.  She doesn’t even wait for my question she is so excited to share.

I found out just before Christmas that each week after Life Teen or EDGE Dorothy goes home to her sisters and shares with them all that we did.  In one instance we handed out Jenga pieces reading “they shall rebuild” (Amos 9:14) for our Life Teen on Jesus as the King enthroned and his mission to restore and rebuild.  She told me later that week how her sister was having a hard time at work.  After Life Teen that Sunday, Dorothy gave her sister the Jenga piece and told her about how Jesus is here to restore and rebuild the chaos and brokenness in our lives.  Her sister put the piece above her computer.

The beauty of ministry is God can’t be contained.  He doesn’t only work in the 2 hours we have an event and he doesn’t only work in the people we are expecting him to.  God is immeasurable and his grace is for all.  Dorothy receives this grace and because our God is so big she cannot simply contain it for herself but she must share it with others.

Dorothy continues to come each week to Life Teen and EDGE when we have it and she reminds me what a gift it is to serve such a marvelous and immeasurable God who isn’t limited to just the hearts of teens in youth ministry but to anyone who is open to receive.  His love and his grace expands through all.  Amen.

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