I had this conversation with a teen recently at a Life Night in Haiti.

Me “When you pray, what do you ask God for?”

Ti-Malen: “To be able to find food every day.”

I know enough about Ti-Malen’s life to know that she doesn’t eat every day. That was what prompted me to ask the next question.

Me: “So if God doesn’t give you food that day, does that mean He doesn’t love you?”?

Ti-Malen: “No, He loves me a lot. He just wants me to make a sacrifice for Him.”

Ti-Malen knows a lot more about sacrifice than I do. As a teen who has grown up and lived in Haiti her whole life, she probably knows a lot more about sacrifice than most people in the world. Her story is one of many stories of teens here who have learned to offer their sacrifices to God. 

This Lent, we want to offer you an opportunity to journey with us through Lent in Haiti. You will be connected with our mission as you join us in the three pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving.

1. Prayer: Every day at 10:22 AM, our community prays a Hail Mary for our mission, the teens we serve, our mission partners (benefactors and prayer partners), and for God to continue to provide for our mission in Haiti. Please join us in this prayer! We pray at 10:22 because the feast of St. John Paul II is on October 22nd. 10/22. You can set an alarm on your phone for 10:22 AM and say a Hail Mary with us when it beeps!

2. Fasting: Every day there will be a challenge that you will participate in. This is a specific fast for the day. In order to receive some encouragement, short videos, and regular updates from our mission in Haiti, follow us on Twitter and Instagram: lt_haiti. All of the challenges are things that we (missionaries) or the Haitian people do often. Get ready to be in solidarity with the poor!

3. Almsgiving: We also invite you to give a dollar a day to Life Teen’s Mission Base in Haiti. For the 40 days of Lent, that equals $40. We encourage you to make your donation at the beginning of Lent so you don’t forget. Your donation helps us to minister to teens in Haiti. Please visit http://donate.lifeteen.com/lent4haiti to make your donation.

SIGN UP for our #Lent4Haiti challenge by texting “Lent4Haiti” to 84576 AND click the link to share your name and email with us.

Check out our offical #Lent4Haiti page on Lifeteen.com launching this Monday! 

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