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How blessed are we to be part of a Church that has over 1 billion people; a Church that is over 2000 years old and has outlasted suffering, persecution, sin, and so much more; a Church that was founded by one man (Jesus Christ) and then entrusted to 12 others?!

There is this new thing being talked about amongst Christians called discipleship, in which an individual commits to journeying with another person or a small group of people.  It’s nothing new, but rather, it is exactly what Christ himself did. It’s how He built up His Church with much success. It is the model which He invites Christians today to follow. In our ministry here in Haiti we have seen success through this model. 

Meet our summer missionaries, 9 young adults who for 4 weeks last summer, received an intense missionary formation and have since been receiving on-going formation: 

Anderson: a power hungry, know-it-all teenager upon our arrival in Haiti, who has become a God-fearing, God-loving, obedient missionary. 

Jorgenson: once a young man caught up in the vices of “drugs, sex, & rock-n-roll”, is now madly in love with God and the Catholic Church, striving for holiness, and inviting others to do the same. 

NicklaJorgenson’s cousin, and a former member of a voodoo community, now running a discipleship group for middle school youth.

Malen: born and raised Catholic, always madly in love with the Church but had no idea where to start in sharing that with others, now instrumental in leading a monthly prayer meeting at the parish. 

Caina: a once very timid, well, still timid young woman, willing to put that aside to proclaim the Gospel whenever necessary. 

Chelo: long story short, we caught him sneaking through our property to get to a beach party next door. He now spends his days going to school and caring for Fr. Dumas, a disabled priest who lives at our mission base. 

Nerlande: a leader at a Catholic chapel which priests can only get to once a month, who always had a heart for mission but has been equipped to do her mission well. 

Jina: one of the sweetest girls I’ve met in Haiti so far, who has a heart for music and is a choir leader, and has been set up to lead her choir with a missionary heart. Jina just joined some of our full-time missionaries in leading a retreat for Haitian teens who live a 10 hour drive from our base. 

Peterson: a former leader in his voodoo community, who has encountered the Lord and come to a place of conversion which has led him to the pre-seminary to study to be a priest for our diocese. 

These 9 individuals are proof to you and I that Jesus’ model of discipleship works and is fruitful. I invite you to consider investing in and journeying with individuals in your life that God may be calling to go deeper. I promise that the Lord will be faithful to that commitment. Take to heart these words that Jesus said to his disciples before He ascended into Heaven: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)

~Paul Albert

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