Discipline is critical to the development of middle school youth, and in this Edge video resource, Joel dives into the art of how to effectively discipline in a way that is formative and fruitful instead of hostile and humiliating.

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Helping Teens with Porn Addiction-WebPoster

Helping Teens With Porn Addiction

In this video, Matt Fradd discusses how we should care for teens in our youth groups & parishes that come to us about struggling with a pornography addiction. Matt dives into the process of giving not solely spiritual advice, but also practical advice (accountability, educating themselves, encouraging patience) that will […]

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Spiritual Warfare and Pastoral Care

What is Spiritual Warfare? How do Catholics understand Satan? Why are the sacraments critical to our spiritual lives? We talk with Father Charlie Goraieb, from the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, who answers these questions, and more, about what it means to fight the good fight.

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Pastorally Caring for Teenagers

In this video, Joel Stepanek and Tricia Tembreull discuss the best tools and tactics to implement the teaching of Theology of the Body in an authentic, powerful, fearless and prayerful way.

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Theology of the Body Intro for Core

In this video, Joel Stepanek breaks the misconceptions and unrealistic portrayals of sexuality in today’s culture, and how to help bring teens the truth of our sexuality, God’s purpose with our lives, and how our bodies reflect our Creator.

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