Our body breathes air, our soul breathes grace. Do not become numb to sin, because then we are blind to the grace that God provides.  This video offers insight on what it means to breathe in the goodness of God, and to live fully in Him.

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Created To Adore

We were made for nothing less than to adore Christ. We are beautiful, but we are empty if we don’t have Christ. This video shows just what it means to keep Christ the center of our beautiful lives.

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Holy Spirit In Haiti

“…nothing is worth anything, if the (Holy) Spirit is not the primary mover”.  From the Life Teen mission base is Haiti, Father Louis Merosne discusses the extreme importance of the Holy Spirit in and out of evangelization.

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Sacraments Semester Introduction

Life Teen’s Graphic Designer, David Calavitta, kick’s off the semester’s Sacrament videos with this introduction. God’s greatest gift to mankind is Himself, and we directly receive that gift through the sacraments of the Catholic Church.

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Life Teen Logo Loop

Here’s another Logo Loop, courtesy of your’s truly. Enjoy!

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