The Reality of the Battle

In this introduction, Bishop Emeritus Sam Jacobs gives us an inside look of what spiritual warfare is, and how we take part in it. This reality of the battle comes with the fight for our souls in the war which God has already won through His son, Jesus Christ. In the end, Christ […]

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Evil is a real thing, and it is fighting to try and steer us away from God and His goodness. In this video, we get a look at the thought process Satan and his demons go through, on their side of the fight for our souls.

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Defend Us in Battle

The prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel is pretty awesome, right? Now you have a video that shows he is ready to follow us into the world, to guard and protect our souls from evil. We are not alone in this fight.

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Spiritual Warfare and Pastoral Care

What is Spiritual Warfare? How do Catholics understand Satan? Why are the sacraments critical to our spiritual lives? We talk with Father Charlie Goraieb, from the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona, who answers these questions, and more, about what it means to fight the good fight.

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Revealing The Enemy

Evil is real, and it is at work.  Father Louis Merosne tells us of a time that he encountered a demonic manifestation and witnessed an exorcism. Father Mersone, Father Mark Toups, Bishop Emeritus Sam Jacobs, and Father Charlie Goraeib, remind us to use the tools that we are given through the […]

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The Battle

Father Mark Toups discusses the plot line of good and evil, the persons of Jesus Christ, Satan, and the angels.  We learn of the active roles that both good and evil play in our lives, and the daily choice we as humans make to follow God and His sacraments.

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