“Mass Fitness” featuring Idol Chatter

“Kneel, sit and stand!” We are happy to bring you this exclusive music video with Idol Chatter. We wanted to make this song as relatable as possible, so enjoy, and don’t walk into mass out of shape!

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Mass in Hiding

This video is an interview with a Catholic missionary who served in communist China, where it is illegal to evangelize.  We are offered a first-hand look at what her experience was like, as well as the blessings and struggles that come with evangelizing in secret.

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The Wedding Feast Teaching

When was the last time you went to a wedding? In this video, we learn about the mass being a wedding, Christ marrying the church. The church is His bride, and the entire sacrifice of the mass is just like the sacrifice in the man and the woman giving themselves […]

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The Cross and Altar Teaching

The Eucharist is Christ’s physical presence on earth, body, blood, soul and divinity.  By attending mass, we experience the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, through the sacrifice that is made on the altar, and the sacrifice that was made on the cross.

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Steps to Starting a Youth Mass

What is a youth mass? This video gives clarification to what a youth mass is, how the environment affects youth in their walk with God, and steps to get a youth mass up and running.

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Old Made New Teaching

Aiming this teaching at parents, Mark Hart discusses raising kids in the faith, while dealing with the culture they are raised in. In this video, he talks about helping teens find communion with God, so that they can have a deeper relationship with, and desire for the Eucharist.

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Love Knows No Bounds

Love is sacrifice, and Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. This video looks at different forms of sacrifice and love, and reminds us of the great joy we find in the sacrifice of the mass.

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Mass Intro For Core

The mass is extremely important to us as Catholic Christians, because it is the celebration of the Lamb of God, and offers us the physical body of Christ. This video is to encourage youth ministers and CORE members to shake teens out of apathy, and to help them form a […]

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