East Benton Road

This video tells the incredible story of Luke, a teenager who survived a suicide attempt and came to realize God’s plan for him. Suffering from a young age, Luke describes his struggles, his near-death experience in his family’s mini-van, and what he learned from it all. This inspirational video resource […]

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The concept of being #blessed is discussed in this video, shown through Instagram photos and captions. In today’s digital age, social media can easily portray a misinterpretation of a glossy, filtered “blessed” life, but this video resource reminds us to take a step back, and remember that even in our […]

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How to Drive

In this video, we follow Josh and his driving instructor as they embark on a drive that begins innocently enough, but quickly takes a ‘turn’. Featuring some flustered driving, a prying instructor and a plot twist you’ll never see coming, this video resource helps break open the necessity of your […]

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