One Solitary Life

This video uses an adaptation of a sermon by Dr. James Allan Francis to tell the story of how one solitary life, the life of Jesus Christ, still to this day is the most influential and powerful life ever lived. From His birth in the manger to His dying on […]

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Creation Loop

This video resource is a Creation Loop featuring all sorts of examples of creation: beautiful nature shots, cute babies, and much more, with parts of the Creed overlayed throughout.

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Semester Introduction – Existence

Welcome to the Semester Introduction for our brand new Edge Support Box. In this video, Amanda talks about all of the exciting features included in our redesign, and introduces the theme of this semester’s planning guide – Existence. We can’t wait for you to unpack all of the great resources […]

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A Good God in a Suffering World

Why does God allow suffering? In this Edge Video Support, Matt Fradd breaks open this tough question and dives into free will, evil, and the existence of God. Fradd believes that the problem of evil is the greatest emotional obstacle to belief in God, and he discusses a theory by […]

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