Everything will fade if it is all about me. This video explains that God is what will forever remain, and our lives should give glory to Him, always.

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Hold My Keys

We all love Pope Francis! Ever wonder how he got the job in the Church that he has? This video explains apostolic succession, and how we can trace Pope Francis all the way back to the Church’s first pope, Saint Peter.

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Secret Servers

Coming soon to a parish near you! The story of these elite guards is unveiled in this riveting 21st century tale of servanthood. These young agents are here to help the priest serve and protect the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ (played by Jesus Christ) and […]

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Beyond Illusion

We have a treat for you! Special guest, Danny Ray, uses his God-given talents of illusion to explain the concept of the visible and invisible transformation that God can provide for us, if we invite Him in.

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