He is Near: A Free Video and Small Group Guide for Advent

Editor’s Note: For use as a small group reflection, read the first couple paragraphs aloud, then watch the video and discuss the questions, ending your time by either reading the prayer together, or having one person read the prayer to the group. Who would the Holy Family be in our […]

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Sneak Preview: Life Support Videos

You have a great Life Night outline, the Core Team is set with small group questions, and your environment is ready to go – but something is missing. You are looking for the perfect video to help take the Life Night to the next level. Maybe you are looking for […]

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Mass Fitness Poster

“Don’t Walk Into Mass Out of Shape”: What is “Mass Fitness”?

“Don’t walk into mass out of shape,” proclaims the bridge of the song “Mass Fitness” performed by some, gangly, shaved-eyebrow dude. Well that Vanilla-Ice-looking dude is me. I love writing silly songs with catchy hooks and was asked to add a comedic spark to Life Teen’s semester on the Mass […]

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