Six Steps to Make it the Best Year Ever!

A new school year means big plans. As youth ministers, we are in the midst of planning Life Teen, Confirmation, and Edge kick-offs, doing Core training, and inviting teens to be a part of the ministry family. In the middle of the back to school chaos, it’s important to reflect […]

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God the Father

It was in a quaint, beautiful church in Assisi, Italy where I had a realization that I could truly, totally, and fully trust in God. We had spent the day seeing the sights, praying before the San Damiano Cross, eating great food, drinking incredible wine, and strolling the streets that […]

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Arise and Shine (Luke 5:1-11)

Do you ever think about how much fish the disciples left behind on those boats in Luke 5? Really, think about it. They’ve fished all night and caught nothing. They are cleaning their nets, maybe wondering where the next meal is going to come from. There were no fish; there […]

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CYMblog 2016 patience and trust

All About Me

The words rolled off my tongue quickly and easily, as they do in probably half a dozen or so conversations a day. I was talking with a youth minister who was worried about why she hadn’t been able to do a better job of building a core team. But it […]

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CYMblog 2016 grassgreener

Is the Grass Greener?

Samuel is one of my favorite characters in scripture. The idea of hearing the voice of God, and not being sure what it really means resonates with me, as does his willingness to answer God with a profound yes. When I was just growing in my spiritual journey, I was […]

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I got you. Trust me.

A year ago, I was at Camp Covecrest with a group of teens from my parish (It really is the best camp ever, you’ve got to go if you haven’t been). Wednesday rolled around, and it was ropes course day. Now I am 5’7 and deathly afraid of heights. My […]

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Mother Mary…Who Is She?

Mary is the person that always points me in the direction of her Son. I haven’t always had a big devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. Growing up, I knew who she was, and I prayed my Hail Marys, but that’s as far as my relationship with her went. It […]

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Into Your Hands

It was two days after my college graduation. I was supposed to be happy. Proud. Filled with a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and security.

Why, then, was I instead consumed with feelings of frustration, confusion, disappointment, and resentment?

I didn’t have a job lined up. I didn’t get into graduate school.

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