Summer Event Follow-Up: Twenty Ideas

Bruce Lee, one of the world’s greatest martial arts masters once said, “the successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” The can be said of youth ministers. Successful youth ministers do not simply bring teenagers to summer events. They plan, with laser-like focus, the follow up before they […]

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Planning Your Life Teen Calendar: Using New and Previous Life Teen Resources

We are hearing the buzz and seeing Instagram explode with Merciful, Alive and Dangerous, and, for some youth groups that move faster than a speeding bullet, the (Censored) images. Nevertheless, some of you are taking it slow, using the Life Night Curriculum that is familiar to you, enjoying a little […]

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New Life Support is Here!

The newest Life Support has arrived online! We couldn’t wait to get you our newest resources, so we put them on our website a little bit early. You can expect your newest box soon with a few more surprises inside. In the meantime, there are a few things you need […]

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Sneak Preview – Summit

A thriving and healthy youth ministry often includes many components, but there are three that are common among any parish youth group forming disciples. A Eucharistic-centered ministry anchored in the Sunday liturgy Large group catechesis and evangelization through weekly gatherings, retreats, and large-scale events Small discipleship groups that meet regularly […]

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Mass Fitness Poster

“Don’t Walk Into Mass Out of Shape”: What is “Mass Fitness”?

“Don’t walk into mass out of shape,” proclaims the bridge of the song “Mass Fitness” performed by some, gangly, shaved-eyebrow dude. Well that Vanilla-Ice-looking dude is me. I love writing silly songs with catchy hooks and was asked to add a comedic spark to Life Teen’s semester on the Mass […]

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