The Power of Praise and Worship

One afternoon in Nashville, I was attending a songwriting workshop. We sat before a panel of some of CCM’s (Contemporary Christain Music) top songwriters and worship leaders for a Q&A session. A young girl several rows ahead of me raised her hand, and asked the blunt question, “I grew up […]

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Ascend: A Companion to the Sunday Mass Readings

In High School, I had a friend I aspired to be like – not because of popularity status or looks, but because she seemed to know something about the Bible I didn’t. The pages of hers were worn from devotion while mine collected dust. And, there was an ease in […]

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Sneak Preview – Summit

A thriving and healthy youth ministry often includes many components, but there are three that are common among any parish youth group forming disciples. A Eucharistic-centered ministry anchored in the Sunday liturgy Large group catechesis and evangelization through weekly gatherings, retreats, and large-scale events Small discipleship groups that meet regularly […]

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Am I Speaking Your Language?

Lately I’ve been spending a lot more time on sharing etymology (the origin of words) with teens. The results have been fascinating. The middle school and high school teens I’ve been discipling and speaking with can’t seem to get enough of it. One teen at our Life Teen Leadership Conference […]

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Don’t Forget.

That’s the story of my life. God proves His love for me, and by the next scene, I’m wondering who He is. Yet somehow my forgetfulness doesn’t deter Him, and He sets out again each day to win my heart.

Often in youth ministry, it feels like we’re trying to come up with catchy semester themes and culturally relevant tie-ins to repackage the same simple message. Our retreats and events keep revolving around the counter-cultural reality that God is a loving Father who wants to provide for us, His children.

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Why Do Catholics Cross Their Head, Lips, and Heart at Mass?

In the outward sign of crossing our forehead, lips, and heart, we are asking that the Word of God to pierce our mind, lips, and hearts.

We cross our forehead so that the Word of God may be in our thoughts and purify our minds. We cross our lips so that our speech may be holy and incline us to share the Gospel with others. And we cross our hearts to invite God to strengthen our love for Him and others. All of this is so that we might know, proclaim, and love Jesus Christ all the more.

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