Saturated in Prayer

The bottom line is we have to put our own growth and striving in holiness foremost and let our work in youth ministry follow and flow from it. Prayer, together with receiving the sacraments, is central to successful ministry. Or, better yet, as St. Augustine said: “Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.”

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Don’t Forget.

That’s the story of my life. God proves His love for me, and by the next scene, I’m wondering who He is. Yet somehow my forgetfulness doesn’t deter Him, and He sets out again each day to win my heart.

Often in youth ministry, it feels like we’re trying to come up with catchy semester themes and culturally relevant tie-ins to repackage the same simple message. Our retreats and events keep revolving around the counter-cultural reality that God is a loving Father who wants to provide for us, His children.

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Prayer Warriors: And Why You Need Them for Your Ministry

Without doubt, the fruits of what God has allowed to happen at our parish have come from those seeds of prayer, planted by those original 13 “prayer warriors.” Now, that ministry has doubled in size (not counting all the nursing home residents, visited by some of those warriors, who are also praying for us). Anytime we face a need, an adversity… those “prayer warriors” are there to lift up the ministry and the teens.

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