Relationships Matter

If life is all about relationships and, more specifically, if saintly relationships help us and those around us become more holy, what can you say about your relationships when you look at them more closely?

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When Worship and Work Get Mixed Up

In ministry, it can be hard to separate our worship from our work. We want to ensure that our teens have prayerful experiences, but sometimes that means we lose sight of the beauty of the worship right in front of us.

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Arise and Shine (Luke 3:1-6)

Of all the prophets in Scripture, John the Baptist is my favorite. If he were alive today, PETA would be all over him for his fashion statement of camel’s hair and leather. He ate a vegan diet of locust and wild honey (maybe that should be my Advent sacrifice?), lived […]

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CYM 2015 part of a team

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Someone recently gave me a note card that read: “Never ever stop dreaming big crazy dreams” As youth ministers, we have some pretty EPIC dreams. We want good things for our teens and our parish. Accidentally and unintentionally, sometimes we do this by solely focusing on the youth ministry program […]

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward: Working With Priests in Youth Ministry

But, as rewarding as youth ministry is, it’s also challenging for all of us. Navigating that priest-youth minister relationship can be awkward. It is, after all, multi-faceted: shepherd-sheep, employer-employee, co-workers in the vineyard, etc. Keep in mind that it is a delicate dance for the priest as well, as he serves as spiritual father as well as administrator of all the people entrusted to his care, including you, your core, and your teens!

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