Have you ever played the game – what would my life be like if I never found Jesus? All the times that I have it has ended up quite humorous and I usually get pegged as being a pagan hippie in Colorado living in a tree house … But for […]

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Lent Pizza

(Not lint pizza… that is gross) Lent is upon us, and everyone wants to know, “What are you giving up this year?” If your middle schoolers are anything like me as I grew up, they are probably giving up very impractical things like “going to the moon” or “homework” (they […]

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Ask the Therapist: Speaking to Adolescents About Drugs

I remember making the commitment to never use drugs in the 6th grade through our local D.A.R.E program. In D.A.R.E, I remember learning about the negative consequences of drugs. Unfortunately, in the young adolescent mind, abstract thinking is still developing and the threat of consequences from drugs and alcohol can […]

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Wear Your Faith on Your Sleeve

“Dude, come on. Put it on!” said my best friend Tom doing his best to convince my thirteen year-old self to drape an impractical length of brown cord and cloth around my neck. Tom’s final attempt to pique my interest in wearing a scapular was to say, “Come on! You […]

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Embracing the Chaos

I remember it well: the panic and craziness that was my first attempt at a parish middle school ministry. I suppose I had it coming. There’s probably a reason you don’t find too many middle school programs called “Chaos!” Our parish Edge program has come a long way from there- […]

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From Edge to Life Teen: Making the Transition

One of my favorite scenes from the classic 1995 movie, “Now and Then,” shows where girls are at in their adolescent development. They are beginning the journey of becoming teenagers. Teeny: Chrissy, truth or dare? Chrissy: Truth. Teeny: Have you ever been french kissed? Chrissy: Are you kidding me? I […]

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