CYM 2015 christmas blog

Intentional Christmas

It was my least favorite part of every Christmas: Mass. My family attended mass every Sunday growing up, and I never had a problem attending, except for this one time per year. There was nothing wrong with that mass, per se, other than the fact that we always went Christmas […]

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Sneak Preview – Summit

A thriving and healthy youth ministry often includes many components, but there are three that are common among any parish youth group forming disciples. A Eucharistic-centered ministry anchored in the Sunday liturgy Large group catechesis and evangelization through weekly gatherings, retreats, and large-scale events Small discipleship groups that meet regularly […]

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Summer Sundays

I can’t help but get excited that summer will soon be here. In the ministry world, it is for a multitude of reasons. I get to travel with my teens to some awesome conferences and mission trips. I get to wear shorts to work. Ice cream is acceptable with any […]

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Late but Welcome

No one likes to be late to church. In my 23 years of experience showing up late to church is just plain awkward. There are several reasons for this. You make a loud noise. No matter how hard you try, there seems to be a loud sound that accompanies you when you finally […]

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Music is a Lifesaver.

As soon as I walked in the church, I was shocked at what I saw – TEENS!! I had thought they’d gone extinct in the Church! Looking around, I started seeing some familiar faces from school. I was incredibly happy. Then Mass started. I was expecting to hear the usual adult cantor and some sound resembling “song” emanating from the congregation.

To my surprise, Mass started with an upbeat, piano driven version of “Your Grace Is Enough” by Matt Maher. Piano, drums, three guitars, a saxophone, even a violin. These guys had it all.

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Mass Fitness Poster

“Don’t Walk Into Mass Out of Shape”: What is “Mass Fitness”?

“Don’t walk into mass out of shape,” proclaims the bridge of the song “Mass Fitness” performed by some, gangly, shaved-eyebrow dude. Well that Vanilla-Ice-looking dude is me. I love writing silly songs with catchy hooks and was asked to add a comedic spark to Life Teen’s semester on the Mass […]

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Why Do Catholics Cross Their Head, Lips, and Heart at Mass?

In the outward sign of crossing our forehead, lips, and heart, we are asking that the Word of God to pierce our mind, lips, and hearts.

We cross our forehead so that the Word of God may be in our thoughts and purify our minds. We cross our lips so that our speech may be holy and incline us to share the Gospel with others. And we cross our hearts to invite God to strengthen our love for Him and others. All of this is so that we might know, proclaim, and love Jesus Christ all the more.

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