Don’t Fast from Resources this Lent

Whether you are responsible for High School or Middle School ministry, have a large group or small groups, are looking to bring teens together for a Reconciliation and Adoration service or send them away with personal reflections, we have resources for you.

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Ministering to Teens Overcoming Pornography

We all have moments in ministry when we have no idea what to do or how we will manage to get through the situation at hand. I have been in full-time parish ministry for four years and this year has been full of moments where I threw my hands in […]

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Arise and Shine: Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

I want to be the younger brother. We all do, I think. On many levels, we relate to him. He runs from home, squanders his money, hits rock bottom, and runs back to the love of the father. If you are in ministry, the chances are good that you were […]

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Arise and Shine: Luke 13:1-9

I have one regret from my ten years as a youth minister. His name was Danger.

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Into the Desert: A Story of Discernment

Most years I am excited for Lent. Maybe I am a hardcore Catholic whose favorite pastimes include fasting and not eating bacon on Fridays. More than likely, I’m just lazy and need a good kick in the butt every once in awhile. However, this year was different. Why? Because I […]

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Arise and Shine: Luke 9:28B-36

You’ve read and heard the Transfiguration narrative before. But this blog post isn’t going to be what you know, because we’ve heard it all before. You’ve probably used the Transfiguration as an image in a closing retreat talk about “coming down from the mountain.” Maybe it was part of a […]

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It’s Lent Again

Ashes, Facebook posts, and everyone talking about it can make the first week easy to get into the sacrificial spirit. But already some may be struggling – or even bored with what they have chosen to add or subtract from their life in hoping to bridge the gap between them […]

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CYM2016blog lentenmercy

Lenten Mercy

There is a clear hierarchy in the cookie realm: chocolate chip cookies, and then everything else. You’re welcome to disagree if you like. It’s a free country, so go ahead: be wrong. My wife, speaking my love language when I’ve had a rough go of something, made me chocolate chip […]

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Arise and Shine: Luke 4:1-13

The other evening, I had the opportunity to worship and celebrate Mass with over 100 young adults in a chapel on the top floor of the Diocese of Orange’s Christ Cathedral “Tower of Hope.” The view was awe-inspiring. To my left, I could see Disneyland, The Anaheim Angels stadium, and […]

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Lent Pizza

(Not lint pizza… that is gross) Lent is upon us, and everyone wants to know, “What are you giving up this year?” If your middle schoolers are anything like me as I grew up, they are probably giving up very impractical things like “going to the moon” or “homework” (they […]

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