Masculinity: Brotherhood

“For we are nothing without brotherhood and brotherhood is nothing without your brothers.” –We Came As Romans Our surroundings typically dictate the man we become. There are many psychological studies on environment-based transformations where individuals become a part of their surrounding environment. When you surround yourself in foul language, derogatory […]

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What Does Fonzie Have to do With Holiness?

Do you remember Fonzie? From Happy Days? He was my hero as a child. He had awesome hair and a strong personality that showed he was calm, yet always in charge.

I’ll always remember the way he carried himself, from his shiny leather jacket, to the way he turned on the juke box by pounding it just right with his fist. Fonzie was the poster child for what seemed to be a perfect life. Any fears or insecurities he had were safely masked beneath the hard surface of his gelled hair and his Harley.

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